New Property Designing and Development

At Nielsen we have over 40 years of experience designing and remodeling all types of new properties. We are committed to making your dream home come to life. Our highly skilled staff will walk you through the process of evaluating land and complying with all other regulatory approvals. We offer full management of design and construction as well as advice about the best approach to create your dream home for your personalized desires and budget.

Design,Remodel and Redevelop Existing Homes

Nielsen has a highly skilled team that prioritizes your needs to transform your current home into your dream home. We pride ourselves in our ability to transform your current home to fit your personalized needs to bring a new feeling of comfortability, functionality and beauty. Our team will guide you through the preliminary process of designing your home paying special attention to your personal desires to ensure you get the end result you envisioned. 

Manage Budgeting, Scheduling, and Marketing

Our team offers full service care of scheduling and budgeting on all job contractors and costs. We also design and develop all necessary marketing for sales. We understand that the process of adjusting your home can be stressfull and are committed in making the process enjoyable while your home comes to life. 

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